Call for applications: Literary Residency “Pristina has no river” 2014
Qendra Multimedia from Prishtina, in cooperation with TRADUKI and Goethe Institute hereby invites writers and translators from Southeastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Rumania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Macedonia) and Germany to apply for writers-in-residence program «Pristina has no river» 2014, in Pristina (3 h driving distance from the coast).
Deadline for applications is February 20th 2014.
Residential scholarships, each in the duration of 4 weeks, are available for March, April, May, June, September, October and November 2014.
The fellowship for the writers includes a one-month stay in fully equipped apartment in Pristina, travel costs and a stipend in the amount of 700 euro.
Applicant’s eligible for this fellowship are fiction writers, poets, essayists, columnists, translators and playwrights.
Application must include:
1) - biography (in Albanian, Serbian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Bosnian, English or German);
2) - full address (phone number and e-mail address obligatory);
3) – bibliography (of the main published works);
4) - a short (max. half page) description of the project to be undertaken during one-month stay in Pristina;
5) - letter of recommendation from your nearest police station *1

The application should be sent to the following e – mail address:

*1 Do not take this seriously.

While in Prishtina, the artists will use their time to work on their own projects, as well as for getting acquainted with the cultural life of the Kosovo capital.
We will do everything possible that during your stay in Pristina you will be inspired for the creative work. Especially for you we will organize street performances, circus shows, we will make the moon stay in front of you window every night, you’ll have candles and alcohol, the streets of Pristina will be filled with flowers, etc. etc. And all we expect from you is to work on your important art projects. (The poets have to write a minimum of 10 poems, the prose writers a minimum of 30 pages text etc.). In case that despite all of our efforts, your muses refuse to come and help you, then we will find other ways to force the creativity in you. Usually, in such cases we call for help the secret service which, believe us, will make your muses sing day and night…
The fellowships will be awarded by an international expert jury of individuals who have huge expertise and experience in literature (we are thinking of inviting: Edward Joseph Snowden, Silvio Berlusconi, Hashim Thaci and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan).
Before your trip to Pristina we suggest you to read these books:
- Kosovo, the past, now and future (600 pages, 20 last pages with references you don’t have to read)
- The forests of Kosovo and Europe (300 pages, but it even has pictures)
- From the wars we come, to the wars we go (a book that foresees when the upcoming wars in Kosovo will start)
- Farming in Kosovo (a basic book to get to know Kosovo better)
- The great man of Kosovo (300 man that make the history of Kosovo, and not a single woman among them
Also consult Wikipedia, and in particular WikiLeaks.
The applicants will be informed about the decision of the jury per e-mail by end of February 2014.