Jeton Neziraj - Director
Bernard Berisha - Financial Administrator
Blerta Rrustemi - Project Coordinator
Lendita Idrizi - Office Assistant
Sophia Sinani - Volunteer
Mursel Bekteshi - Stage Technician
Denis Berisha – Maintainer


Board members:


Sibel Halimi (board director)

Shkëlzen Maliqi

Imer Mushkolaj

Doruntina Basha

Sasa Ilic

Assembly Members

Report of independent auditor 2014

Raporti narrativ 2015

about us

Qendra Multimedia, based in Prishtina, Kosovo, is a cultural production company, working in the field of arts and culture since it’s foundation in 2002. It’s main focus is in contemporary theater and dramaturgy. Qendra produces and co-produces cultural activities for all ages; locally and internationally. It cooperates with cultural institutions, universities, theaters, theater schools and art organizations from all around the globe. The exchange with international partners is a key element of the work of Qendra Multimedia. Over the last years, various international cultural co-productions have emerged.

Qendra has organized more than 100 cultural projects in Kosovo as well as in other countries of Europe, including Serbia, Macedonia, France, Germany, UK, Austria, Albania etc. Qendra creates its own events and facilitate programming for the others. Qendra’s theater productions have been invited to many international theater festivals across Europe, but also in Asia and Africa.

> qendra creates fresh and innovative theater performances that communicate across lingual and cultural borders and brings these performances to diverse audiences locally and internationally;

>qendra utilizes the art as a means to address social and political issues with imagination and clarity;

>qendra furthers cross-cultural understanding by participating in and initiating community arts and cultural projects and humanitarian outreach programs in a wide range of communities locally and internationally.

>qendra designs cultural events addressing human rights, social, cultural and political issues;

>qendra produces cultural and art programs in minority languages;

>Promoting and restoring the concept of public space, public good and public interest through direct activities on field;

A special focus lies on theatre for and with children wherefore Qendra Multimedia established the Centre for Children's Theatre Development (CCTD), a long-term program on writing and producing new contemporary plays for children and young people. Qendra is also using the Theater of the Oppressed methods, to partake in current social and political debates and to launch such.

In 2006 it was nominated for the "Paris-Europa" award, which is given by the French company "Maison d'Europe et d'Orient" for the most innovative and successful theatre companies in Europe.