• “A theater [Qendra Multimedia] in Kosovo is not afraid of using art to confront entrenched prejudices and to build empathy” – George Soros

  • “Brave and honest theater performance. One of the most interesting theater company from the South Eastern Europe” – Kazaliste.Hr

  • “...a true story that sets an example for all the hope for freedom, happiness and prosperity in the Europe of our days. And the disappointment.” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

  • “This is not the first attempt to use cultural events to bridge the gap between the countries. Polip, a literary festival in Pristina, first held in 2010, has Serbian writers among those regularly invited to participate.” - The Guardian

  • “…the play is an explosion of burlesque, music and possibly offensive humor; it is simply a riot.” - Prishtina Insight

  • “A Play with Four Actors and Some Pigs...,” […] is a playfully absurd, crude, and incredibly clever portrayal of Kosovo’s political scene.” - The Theater Times

One flew over the Kosovo theater

By Jeton Neziraj

Directed by: Blerta Neziraj
Actors: Bajrush Mjaku, Adrian Morina, Anisa Ismaili, Adrian Aziri, Ernest Malazogu
Musicians: Susanna Tognella (violin), Gabriele Marangoni (harmonica)
Dramaturg and artistic consultant: Ilir Gjocaj
Choreography: Arthur Kuggeleyn
Music composer: Gabriele Marangoni
Stage and costumes: Susanne Maier-Staufen

Producer: Qendra Multimedia /// Executive producer: Jeton Neziraj /// Stage manager: Sunita Kurti /// Stage construction: Krste S. Dzidrov /// Asst. Costume Design: Leonora Mehmeti /// Lighting: Skënder Latifi, Ibrahim Xhemaili /// Coordinators: Raska Jonuzi, Adelina Berisha, Tanja Petovar, Denis Berisha /// Translation of the play into English: Alexandra Channer /// Translation of the play into HR – SRB – BiH: Shkelzen Maliqi /// Language of the performance: Albanian
English / HR – SRB – BiH – MNE subtitles avaliable
Duration of the performance: 90 min (no intermission)

About ten years after the end of the war, Kosovo, until then administered by the United Nations Mission, is getting ready to declare independence. The newest state in the world is expected to be born soon.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Sport asks the Kosovo`s National Theater troupe to prepare a ceremonial play which will be performed on the historic day of declaring independence. Two million Euros are allocated for the celebration of independence. The theater troupe is proud and feels very privileged. But their joy is not without some challenges. Besides various “aesthetic” politically correct requirements, the troupe faces two unpredictable “problems”. First, the day on which independence will be declared is being kept a secret; and, second, the play has to include an unwritten speech by the Prime Minister, which he will give in Parliament on the historic day.

While the theater troupe begins intensive rehearsals, James, the stage technician has a parallel project. He starts to construct an airplane which he wants to fly around the world with the wholly original goal of lobbying as many states as possible to recognize the new state.

The news about the date of declaring independence comes all of a sudden. That evening, the government cabinet, guests from NATO, the UN, the EU and other diplomats, come to the National Theater of Kosovo to see the play – The Kosovo National Epopee

“ONE FLEW OVER THE KOSOVO THEATER” is a political comedy about one of the important events of global significance this century – the birth of the state of Kosovo.

This is a comedy about the new Kosovo, which is exhausted and ravaged by the war, poverty, corruption and the unending tutelage of international missions, and is trying to find its own way toward the future…