Qendra Multimedia and Goethe Insitut-Skopje are looking for an expert in cultural management

Culture for change, a project funded by European Union, managed by European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Qendra Multimedia Prishtina and Goethe-Institut Skopje is looking for an Expert on cultural management and policy for the purpose of engagement in a research of mapping the cultural and artistic landscape in Kosovo, analysing the strengths, weaknesses, strategic possibilities and tactical steps for development, 19 years after the war and 10 years after Kosovo’s independence.

The expert’s job is planned to start from 1st of November 2018 until 30th of June 2019 (eight months). The expert will have to periodically travel to Kosovo (for interviews and data gathering). In regard to the expert’s mission, the Culture for change staff will arrange working visits to Kosovo, the interviews with the main stakeholders and the transport in times when the expert will travel throughout Kosovo.

Further information about the position can be found in the following document:


Call for an expert