Qendra Multimedia have brought together a pan European ensemble to create Negotiating Peace. This new production has been created with artists and theatre groups from Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Italy, Czechia, Albania, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland and Estonia.

Inspired by Richard Holbrooke’s To End a War and Ismail Kadare’s The General of the Dead Army, Negotiating Peace projects and uncovers dynamics accompanying the process of a peace agreement: Who can negotiate peace? Do political leaders have the legitimacy to do so? Do ordinary people really reconcile after the signing of an “act of peace” on their behalf? Can there be collective forgiveness, or is forgiveness an individual act?

The show focuses looks at ‘peace negotiations’ including Dayton, agreements in the Northern Ireland and those in the Middle East as well as the not-so-fruitful discussions between Kosovo and Serbia. Considering these important political momentums from different wars and conflicts across the world, the show attempts to imagine what the end of the war of Russia against Ukraine will potentially look like.


Opening: 16 October, 2023 – ODA Theatre, Prishtina

19 October, 2023  – ODA Theatre, Prishtina

20 October, 2023 – City Theatre of Gjilan

21 October, 2023  – Albanian Theatre Skopje (North Macedonia)

23 October, 2023 – Adriana City Theatre of Ferizaj

25 October, 2023 – ODA Theatre, Prishtina (Kosovo Theatre Showcase)


8 & 9 November, 2023 – euro-scene Leipzig (Germany)

13 & 14 November, 2023 – Prague City Theaters (Czech Republic)

Financed by:

National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Allianz Foundation, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, European Union in Kosovo, Ministry of Culture of Kosovo, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Goethe Institute, City of Prague, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere.