FEMART marks its sixth edition

The Centre for Art and Community – Artpolis, with their project FEMART, is one of the organisations that was supported by the First call for applications of Culture for Change, an EU project managed by the EU Office in Kosovo and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Insitut. With the received grant, this organisation has implemented a part of the planned activities.

This year, Artpolis has marked the sixth edition of FEMART festival (Regional Festival of Artists and Activists), held from 25-30 May 2018. FEMART is the biggest feminist festival in Balkan region and for six years has brought artists and activists from all over the world.

FEMART promotes art with motivational messages for women empowerment and human rights through artistic performances, theatre performances, movies, musical concerts, book promotions, art installations, poetry, and other artistic forms. This year, FemArt has offered its program in three municipalities: Prishtina, Ferizaj and North Mitrovica.

FemArt 6 through the moto: RUN THE SHOW, has encouraged sustainability and solidarity for women and men whose basic rights are not respected due to their ethnic and racial background, sexual preferences and social positions.

In Ferizaj, the program began with a workshop “Creative approach – paper recycling”. After the workshop there was a conference on “Youth participation in decision making processes”. Then the day continued with Theatre Forum “Stigma”. In the evening the movie “Thinking about you” of Alketa Xhafa Mripa was screened; a movie dedicated to raped women in the recent war in Kosovo. The evening was followed by music played by DJ Learta Lila.

In North Mitrovica the program began with the discussion panel “Feminist Women in Kosovo”, and continued with the gallery of drawings and paintings “Women”. The program of the first day of FemArt in North Mitrovica ended with the theatre play “Trojans”, a collaborative project of La Mama Theatre from New York and Artpolis, played by the local actors and actresses and musicians, from Albanian, Serbian and Roma communities.

The play “Trojans” was as well shown in Prizren Castle, where citizens have welcomed it with many emotions and have shown their fascination from the experimental play of the professional actors and actresses from Kosovo.