The opening of the fifth edition of HAPU [Open Up] Festival took place yesterday. The festival was opened by the performance of Un Loup Pour l’Homme from France, which took place in the Skanderbeg square in Prishtina. The performance of Un Loup Pour l’Homme was followed by the performance of Ludifico, and then by the walk to the ODA theater followed by Team Prap. The evening was closed at ODA theater with a music performance by May-Linda Kasumovic and Doresa Rexha.

HAPU will continue with art performances in public spaces as well as various talks with artists  until July 18, 2019. More details about this year’s program: http://www.hapu.me/sq/ballina

This year’s edition of the HAPU Festival is supported by the Culture for Change program that is funded and managed by the European Union and is implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe Institut.