Qendra Multimedia marks the International Book day in Ferizaj and Prishtinë

23 April 2018

For the International Book Day,  Qendra Multimedia organized two activities within the project Culture for Change.

The event in Ferizaj was held from 13:00, in the municipal library “Sadik Tafarshiku”

The guest writers present were: Bardh Frangu, Besnik Jaha, and Dije Demiri who recited pieces from their earlier works and quoted the saying of famous authors on books and the impact of reading in education and democracy.

The event was moderated by Artë Retkoceri, a team member of Culture for change project.

After the reading, pupils and poets were engaged in the discussion about the development of poetry as an art form in Kosovo, about famous local and international poets and about meaning of the poetry of the authors.


The event in Prishtinë was held from 20:00, in the space of Qendra Multimedia

The guest writers present were: Arber Selmani, Ardiana Shala, Edi Shukriu, Genc Kadriu and Sibel Halimi. The event was moderated by Lura Limani, editor-in-chief of Prishtina Insight newspaper in English language.

During the reading part, authors recited pieces from their earlier and current work. The discussion evolved around the inspiration for writing and using of the language while writing poetry.

After the discussion there was music by String String music band.

Culture for Change is an EU funded project managed by the EU Office in Kosovo and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.