Action 2/Kosovo.Blood.Theater.Project

Theatre Performance

Place: National library – Pristina, Kosovo

Opening 18 January 2007, 21:00h

Seven performers from Kosovo, three performers from Switzerland.
Dance, music, sounds, words, texts.
Actors, musicians, dancers and spectators continue the journey of exploring spaces of rememberings.
Past spaces, present spaces, future spaces.
Spaces of fear, spaces of wish, spaces of tears, spaces of hope, spaces of revenge.
Spaces of blood.

After > ACTION 1, which in december 2006 led us into dark, dangerous, cold subterrain rooms, in > ACTION 2 the company has found a clear, open space to be shared between perfomers and public.
An amphitheatre in the heart of Kosovo National Library.
A space embedded into cultural and intellectual heritage of Kosovo, a space surrounded by books, and wrapped up into the timeless odour of paper and ink and shelfs and dust.

However, there is no stage. People are coming together, for sharing time and space.
Again, no entrance fee to be paid, no career to be made, no success to be obtained.
Performers are sitting amongst public, and the closenes of bodies is bound to give the impulse.
Nothing exists.
Just hearts are beating and blood is flowing.
Then, from far away a sound arrives and makes a body move.
The moving body starts to whisper, and another body reacts.
Bodies become voices, voices become words, words become stories.
Stories start to fly.
They move hearts, which again make the blood flow, which again makes the bodies move, which again will create sound, words, stories.
Pulsating blood being transformed into living stories.
Being transformed into stories of rememberings, of revenge, of hope.
Being tranformed into stories of blood, which is just another word for life.