Enea 06

Aeneas 06 is a project that was initiated by Jeton Neziraj and Michael Devine in October 2005. We were interested in the approaches two playwrights from different cultures might take to the legend of Aeneas. The Aeneid was chosen as a basis for our work because of its historical connection to the land of the Illyrians, and because of its use, by the Romans, as a kind of ur-text for their national identity.

Questions of nationhood, nationality, and cultural identity are always of pressing interest in the Balkans, and no more so than in Kosova. Our intention was not to produce polemical texts, but to ask questions about what these terms mean and how they are used. In this sense the plays are political, as all responsible plays are; not in the sense of taking one side and demonizing the other, but by portraying the cost paid by all sides in conflicts of identity….