Contemporary – accordionsolo gabriele marangoni

Pushkunst / indipendent art platform (Milano, Italy) & Qendra Multimedia (Prishtina, Kosovo) present:

Music by: John Cage / Toshio Hosokawa / Edgar Barroso / Gabriele Marangoni / Mauricio Kagel.

When: 28 march, 2013
Time: 20:00 h
Place: Qendra Multimedia*
Free entrance

The investigation of music, based on nowadays language and contemporary aesthetics, builds the entire project.
 From the second half of the 20th century the music subject has developed and showed new meanings, by creating new sounds experiences.
I believe that the freshness of sound art lies in contemporary music, where I find the chance of invention, smell the scent of vitality. It’s in here that the heart beats.
A whole world of well-educated experimentation and new music has still yet to come, to be showed, to be loved. 

Aditionally to the concert, we will also promote 10 new plays in Albanian, published by Qendra Multimedia / 5 Drama të zgjedhura nga Jeton Neziraj and 5 drama bashkëkohore nga regjioni /

*Qendra Multimedia, Rr. Idriz Gjilani 7/9 – 1, Lagja Dardania (Përballë Shkollës Fillore “Xhemajl Mustafa”) / / Tel: 038555799