Discussion and reading with the well-known Slovenian writer Jurij Hudolin

Photos by: © Sputnik / Radoje Pantović

Qendra Multimedia brings to Prishtina the well-known Slovenian writer Jurij Hudolin on 1st of June 2018, starting from 18:00 in Monet Art and Books gallery. Jurij Hudolin will talk about his book “Thjeshtri” published in Albanian from Qendra Multimedia in cooperation with Poeteka from Tirana. The book was translated from Nikollë Berishaj.

In this meeting the discussion will evolve around new literature from Balkans and the presence of Albanian literature in Slovenia.

The discussion will be moderated from Jeton Neziraj.


Author’s Biography

Jurij Hudolin was born in 1973 in Ljubljana, where he lives and works as a writer, editor, screenplay writer, journalist, and translator. He has published numerous volumes with poetry: Če je laž kralj(1991), Ajdbog në ptičvolkkača (1992), Bestije (1993), Divjanje (1994), Prividi nemirnega čudaka(1994), Govori ženska (2001), Ljubezni (2009), Žival në lakaj najdeta ljubezen (2009), Čakanje revolucije në modrosti (2013), Prištinski dnevnik (2015) as well as novels: Objestnost (2005), Pastorek (2008), Vrvohodec (2011), Ingrid Rosenfeld (2013), Osnove ljubezni në zla (2016), a book with a short prose Na kolodvorski ulici nič novega (2012), and the volume with editorials Pusti ti to (2005). He has translated over 30 books from Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian, and has collaborated with international magazines and analogies. His works have been published in all important magazines and newspapers in Slovenia, and he has written screenplays for fourteen artistic movies and documentaries. His books have been translated in English, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian, Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian. Jurij Hudolin has received numerous scholarships, prizes and appreciations in and out of the country.

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