Kosovo Theater Showcase – Guest performance “Balava”

About the play

A play by the young author Dunja Matić and director Andrej Nosov that questions what we (still) percieve as the traditional form of family.

By confronting two generations of female characters on stage, Dunja Matić raises important questions about the role that women play in today’s society. The author also courageously confronts the problems of pregnancy and abortion, portraying them through the vision of heroines who treat these issues in accordance with their social roles. The author shows how, even in the absence of men, the heroines create relationships with them and build their identities through that relationship, whether as mothers, sisters, girlfriends or wives. At various levels, the issues of motherhood and mother-child relationships intensify throughout the play, which leaves many unsolved problems and raises awareness about the need for an urgent reaction.

Artistic team

Author: Dunja Matić

Director: Andrej Nosov

Mirjana Karanović
Jasna Đuričić
Isidora Simijonović
Jovana Belović

Costume and scenography: Selena Orb

Music (and music on stage):Draško Adžić

Heartefact fund
BeoArt 2015