The play: 55 shades of gay in Gjilan

Photos by: Jetmir Idrizi

Author: Jeton Neziraj
Directed by: Blerta Neziraj
Actors: Tristan Halilaj, Bujar Ahmeti, Shengyl Ismaili, Semira Latifi, Alketa Sylaj
Luan Durmishi (vocal)
Stage and costumes: Sebastian Ellrich
Music: Irena PopovicChoreography: Florian Bilbao


55 shades of gay is a burlesque story about LGBTI politics in the Balkans and Europe. Local Balkan politicians try to manipulate and deceive EU officials, the humanitarian mercenaries of international NGOs often exploit the homophobic environment to raise funds, so they can implement their social and educational projects [such as workshops and seminars on how to use condoms], while EU officials, using their superior financial and political position, try to subjugate everyone.

In this trinity [Manipulation. Abuse. Subjugation], the question posed by the play is as follows:

Is sexual liberation possible in the Balkans? Or, could the Balkans start a ‘Balkan spring of sexual revolution’?


The play will be shown in the City Theatre in Gjilan from 20:00