The famous Italian opera “Katër i Radës”

Qendra Multimedia as a supporter of the famous Italian opera “Katër i Radës”, informs the audience that it will be shown in Prishtina on 8th of September (Saturday) from 20:30 in Oda Theatre. Produced by Cantieri Teatrali Koreja – Lecce, the play has been commissioned by Biennale di Vennecia. This opera has been, since then, shown in several significant European festivals, including the well-known MESS festival in Sarajeva.

‘Katër i Radës’ is not just an opera of the memory. It’s an effort, through the music, to release the universe of human who went to meet one of the many tragedies in the Mediterranean: the one of a small Albanian boat overloaded with men, women and children, sunk in March 1997 in front of the Italian coast. In the single act crowd the Drowned and the Saved, those who survived and those who died, their voices, their thoughts, and especially their journey to the dark, full of great anxieties and small wishes, dreams and fears, digressions, apparitions, sudden recollections.

Music: Admir Shkurtaj

Libretto: Alessandro Leogrande
Directed by: Salvatore Tramacere
Stage and light: Michelangelo Campanale
Costumes: Stefania Miscuglio

Full list of the artistic and technical team:

Duration: 50 min


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