Slam poetry with Sebastian 23

Qendra Multimedia in cooperation with Goethe Zentrum in Prishtina have organized the slam poetry event with Sebastian 23 from Germany. The event will be in German language.

Sebastian 23 studied philosophy and had a lot of free time afterwards. This is why he became one of best-known poetry slammer in Germany and won different cabaret prizes, e.g. the Prix Pantheon, the St. Ingberter Pfanne and the Cloppenburger Klappklotz. Since 2002 he established himself in the poetry-slam scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2008 he won in German-speaking poetry-slam competition in Zurich the title for the individual competition. Sebastian 23 performed on stages for comedy and cabaret, mixed-shows and on TV show such as TV total, WDR Poetry Slam or NDR Talkshow.