Darka e fundit – livestream

““The Last Supper” is a performance inspired by the old albanian code called
“The code of Leke Dukagjini”. Our interest was to research and develop the way how this code has codified relations regarding the revenge. “Before you kill the murderer in order to take revenge, you are obliged to call his name.
After you have killed him, you have to turn his body with the face towards the sky… The day they burry him, you have to have dinner with the victim’s family. Once you left their house, you again will become target of the murderer’s family revenge ”!
Starting from this KANUN, our show goes further and tries in very deep way to explore today’s relations between Albanians and Serbs after the war in Kosovo.
It is a performance about revenge and forgiving, about the deep human questions coming up after all moral, social and human values had been destroyed by war.