Theatrical production

Since its foundation in 2002, Qendra Multimedia has produced and co-produced about 20 theatrical performances in Kosovo and outside the country. We create innovative and fresh theatrical performances which communicate beyond linguistic and cultural borders, and these performances bring a multi-cultural audience locally and internationally.


Publishing of Qendra

Up to now Qendra Multimedia has published over 30 books and journals on the topics of theatre, literature, aesthetics and history, the majority in Albanian language, but some of them are also published in English, Serbian and German.


International festival polip

polip is an international literature festival bringing together in Prishtina young writers from the region as well as from Europe. polip goes far beyond the frame of a literature festival and of a mere literary connection. It is about a wider understanding of the peace building and trust concepts in a particularly traumatized regions and societies. polip presents young voices in different languages, revealing their specific melody, musicality and rhythm. polip organizes not only readings, but also a special program of concerts, street poetry, workshops on translation and poetry-writing, discussions and debates about literary networks and translation practice. 



Artists-in-residence program “Prishtina has no river” started in 2013 when Qendra Multimedia, for the first time in Kosovo, invited artists from central and southeastern Europe and Germany to apply. The fellowship for the artists includes a one-month stay in Pristina, travel costs and a fellowship in the amount of 800 EUR. Applicants eligible for this fellowship are fiction writers, poets, essayists, illusionists and columnists, translators, playwrights, etc. While in Pristina, the writers use their time for work, as well as for getting acquainted with the cultural life of the Kosovan capital.


Culture for Change

“Culture for change” is a three-year program funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.

The project aims at strengthening cultural organizations and public libraries across Kosovo, by directly supporting financially cultural and educational activities. One of the strategic approaches of the project is, organizing activities in other remote areas in the country, rather than capital and main big cities. At the same time, it will aim at improving involvement of local communities of all ethnic backgrounds in the cultural activities.


Kosovo Theater Showcase

Kosovo Theater Showcase is the newest project of Qendra Multimedia which started in 2018, gathering theater critics and promoters of the world in one place. The aim is to make this theater showcase an annual event, because we believe that this Kosovar theater showcase is an excellent way to promote in the world the isolated Kosovar theatre. Besides that, this is a great opportunity for festival selectors, researchers, audience and foreign critics to follow, observe and enjoy the theatre from Kosovo and its trends.